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Hello, I am a Product Designer specializing in User Experience and Information Design. ​A strategic contributor to the product development and optimization process with a wide spectrum of skills: product strategy, interaction design, visual and UX design, data analysis, strong business flair, and user empathy.


I am by heart a problem finder and solver. I believe design is a process of not only finding the right solution but looking for the right problem and it is as important. The right problem gives meaning and value to a solution and our journey of thinking. The simplest way that I practice this is by observing things, people, and physical interfaces around me in my daily day-to-day life, questioning, what, how, and why a thing or a person behaves a certain way. I love to explore new challenges and design problems that might not have a solution yet or have not been seen as a design problem yet. My daily inspiration comes from reading blogs, looking at other great designer's work, and keeping an eye on the industry. I proudly take ownership of my work but also know deep down that good work cannot be done alone, it thrives on collaboration and feedback.

In the past 6 years of working experience, I have helped ship products that are a result of meaningful insights from ground research to the tip of the fingers. I was able to define product strategies through measurable design decisions that multiplied user value and engagement. My work range from B2C/B2B, across cross-platform products ( mobile app, mobile web, desktop ).

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