Hello, I am a Product Designer specializing in User Experience and Information Design. ​

In the past 4 years of working experience, I have helped ship products that are a result of meaningful insights from ground research to the tip of the fingers. I was able to define product strategies through measurable design decisions that multiplied user engagement and conversions. My work range from B2B/B2C, across cross-platform products ( mobile app, mobile web, desktop ).

I am passionate about patterns that drive scalable-reusable designs, everyday behaviors or data and insights, it makes everything a part of one system. ​ My approach toward product design is based on looking for the right problem to solve and craft an appealing experience around that with small shorter loops of feedback cycle/ showcases to the team and users. This has helped me in breaking down bigger problems to smaller milestones and deliver within the project constraints ( time, budget and resources).  Learning by creating and sharing is something that I value the most in a company and process ​