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I am Shatabdi, a Product Designer based in Berlin. I am driven by empathy to users, people, questions and thoughts. I am by heart a problem finder and solver, delivering thoughtful, insight-led design solutions that impact business growth.

😎 Selected Works

Cover_GroupRides copy.png

Group Rides

Bolt Micro-mobility | Aug'22

Increased 7.8% GMV uplift by designing an end-to-end experience for group rides with multiple vehicle unlocks using a single account.

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City Solutions

Bolt Micro-mobility | Oct '23

Safety features for city tender that resulted in wining a 3 years tender contract in Milan



Bolt Micro-mobility | April-June '23

Reducing friction during onboarding

and increasing user retention with high visibility to in-app knowledge centre


Design Approach

I approach the design process as a tool kit that allows me to apply the needed tools effectively to explore, understand and create user-valued solutions. Over the years, I've formulated the principle

'Seek, Probe, Transform, and Evolve'

which guides my design process in approaching problems with the goal of reaching thoughtful, user-centric solutions."

User value is a moving target, so is the experience designed for users. Designing is never truly done."

Previously with

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From large scale orgs to starts up, Projects from B2C to B2B to client projects, from metric focused features to zero to one products, I have been fortunate enough to work with companies and clients where my work has impacted million users.

Cross Selling Cover.png

Cross Sell

DeliveryHero | Sep'19-Aug'21

Helpful recommendations for 5+ brands across Delivery hero, helping users complete their meals during food order journey, increasing basket size and value

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Shuttl-Service Panel (2)_edited.jpg

Signal Ops tool

Shuttl | Feb'18-July'19

Enabling users to resolve real-time on-ground issues via more actionable and information-rich experience operational tool.

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Other Works

Product Design | Visual Design | Animation 
Motion Design | Branding | Design challenges

These works are only shown as visuals to represent the variety and diversity of domains and industries that I have worked with. Should you be interested in knowing more about any of these projects, please feel free to reach out to me.


My first intro video made for college placements in 2015. I am still proud this work.

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