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Names and Faces

Among all the design exercises I love this the most because of the output. I was able to find the right user to get the right insights.  Also, I am very good at forgetting names. :) This also landed me to the last round, F2F interview. 
I was given three problems to solve from which I chose the following as I knew user resources.

Design Challenge

At the beginning of each new semester or school year, teachers are faced with the challenge of remembering names for a large number of new students. Design an experience to help an educator match faces to names, with the goal of shortening the time needed to reach complete un-aided accuracy. Provide a high-fidelity mock for at least one step of this experience.

Why this challenge?


While doing the background study for each of the challenges, I realized that this is a domain that I have never worked on, I am also in contact with few teachers whom I can talk to and it would be great to think through this problem. Pet adoption challenge has existing solutions, where as wait staff problem is an area where I have no existing knowledge about, nor any resources to listen to actual experiences.

Background study, Experiences from my school teachers, Ideation, Mindmaps, Information Architecture, Wireframes, High Fidelity Mockup

Time taken- 8-12 hrs


Teachers are usually very busy at the semester beginning, to even focus on remembering names of each student. Apart from that there are too many new faces to remember and absolutely no reference to anyone. Teachers usually take around over one month to remember names but students start getting offended by the second week itself. 


Few students are permanently named after the wrong name for the rest of the year. Teachers need to learn faster and more efficiently without taking time for granted. Knowing the student personally is key to remember a student’s name.


Primary Research 

I questioned and asked my school and college teachers to

share their experiences

What do teachers do on the first day of semester?

Do they have problems remembering names? 

How do try to remember names? 

Why do they forget names?

How much time do they usually take to remember names?

Relate “ Names and their faces” 


Redefined Brief

How might we help teachers to take less time in developing basic understanding or intimacy with students, that would help them remember their names ?

Vision- Forget Not

While the vision is to learn faces and names, the goal of the application is to make active learning effortless, motivate the teachers to know students while having fun. 


MOTIVATION: Maximize learning about students 

GOAL: In lesser time than they usually take

MAtching 1.png
MAtching 5.png
MAtching 8.png


Password: Google

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